We are an independent network
of experienced specialists for transformation
and digitalization.

We are an independent network of experienced specialists for profound transformations and digitalization.


The world is changing more rapidly than ever. Building the new world is a key task for all organizations while simultaneously being forced to deliver in accordance with the rules of the old world.

While the old world is oriented towards efficiency based on planning and excellence, the new world embraces complexity and ambiguity; emphasizing agility, innovation, and customer centricity.

This dilemma cannot be solved easily or quickly.

Dealing with this dilemma is a unique process each organization and its leaders have to actively engage with.

We offer companionship along this bumpy road for the organization and its top management, and we support our clients in challenges such as these:

Strategy development and implementation, transformation of business models, digitalization, innovation culture, introduction of new IT systems, restructuring, M&A, new ways of working, agility, customer centricity, corporate ventures, and many more.



Companies often fail in building the new world by trying to invent and manage the new world according to the rules of the old one (“more of the same”). Moreover, they tend to ignore the quintessential truth, that traversing through something new means letting go of something old and well established, and trading well known downsides for unknown ones.






Our own company is set-up agile enough for us to adapt to what is needed. We are flexible, interdisciplinary, quick, lean, pragmatic – while offering depth, sustainability, and expertise.



We deeply believe in introducing a functional perspective to the organization. Before suggesting measures and developing interventions, we take the time to understand how and why things are the way they are.



We offer a partnership of equals accompanying our clients on their way stimulating the organization and its leaders to create their future.


2dextera is a Transformation Collective gathering senior specialists who are ambidextrously inclined. In respect to the uniqueness and complexity of each client situation, we have chosen a set-up, which is agile enough to take into account the unpredictability of life, business, technology and projects, while having enough common ground and depth in order to consult our clients on large-scale projects.


We are 2dextera

We are ambidextrously inclined:

We know the old and

the new world.

We are experts in business

and in change.

We love dilemmas

and paradoxes.

People make digitalization work. Better together.

  • Internationally experienced Consultant and Executive Coach specialized in the transformation and development of teams, organizations and individuals

  • The combination of 20 years of professional experience with a broad business background, e.g. as a Manager in highly competition-oriented companies, and my many years of consulting work in different sectors make me a respected partner for companies and executives

  • My conviction: A prerequisite for successful digital transformation is and remains the human being. Human development and an appreciative corporate culture are decisive pillars for economic success

Britta von Dobschütz, Founder/Partner

+49 172 1711127


The only way out is through. (Robert Frost)

  • Internationally experienced Consultant and Executive Coach with 10+ years of professionally accompanying transformation and digitalization in various industries

  • Skilled and passionate companion with a keen intellect, a high degree of responsibility and trust combined with humor and empathy

  • Certified as Executive Coach and Organizational Development (OD) consultant at Hephaistos Coaching Centre in Munich, Germany

  • Holding a Master in Communications & Business Administration (University of Munich) and an Honours Degree in Technology Management (Center for Digital Technology and Management)




+49 176 22897330


Nadine Schmidt, Founder/Partner